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Society for Rusyn Evolution

A Glimpse Into The Future

A Glimpse Into The Future

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In the aftermath of the disastrous 1866 war with Prussia, the Hapsburg Monarchy had made great concessions to a confrontational Polish elite in Galicia. Oppositely, the Ruthenians, who had then been loyal to the Austrian Empire and had given no demands to the crown, received nothing and were now at a political disadvantage.

In a manner of months the Galician Ruthenian leadership, known as the “Saint George Party” had been discredited. This was due in part, to an individual named Ivan Naumovych. He would attack the political strategies used by Ruthenian leaders and offer necessary steps to correct their errors in an essay originally published in 1866 under the pen name “One in the Name of Many”. This 2,000-word manifesto marked the beginning of a new era for the Galician Ruthenians and an escalation in the ethnopolitical conflict between the Ruthenians and Poles of the region.

This published edition contains full Carpatho-Rusyn and English translations, along with the original Jaziche language version in its original orthography.

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