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Society for Rusyn Evolution

Exposé: Podkarpatska Rus [Pre-Order]

Exposé: Podkarpatska Rus [Pre-Order]

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A political exposé by Gregory Žatkovych, the first governor of Subcarpathian Rus, an autonomous province of interwar Czechoslovakia created to represent Carpatho-Rusyns within that state. Here, Žatkovych deals with the reasons for his prompt resignation, outlining the American Rusyn initiative for unification with Czechoslovakia, the promises given to the Rusyn representatives, and their subsequent violation by the Czechoslovak leadership.

Політичноє розодкрытя Григорія Жатковича, первого ґубернатора Пудкарпатськой Руси, автономного відика, иствореного у медживойновуй Чехословакії обы репрезентовати карпаторусинськый наруд у сюй державі. Туй Жаткович пробират причины свої скорої демісії, выкладувучи ініціативу америцькых русинув за скапчаня из Чехословакійов, обіцянкы, дані русинськым репрезентантам, тай їх далшоє нидодержаня чехословацьков владов.


This work was originally written in Rusyn using the Latin alphabet. This new SRE edition has dutifully retained the original text, with the only difference being that it has been transliterated into Cyrillic. Additionally, a full English translation is included with this work, like all books from the Jaziche Project.

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